Whether you’re a parent or grandparent, child care provider or preschool teacher, an employer or employee, a student thinking about working in early childhood, or anyone who loves children– you’ll discover a wealth of information as you explore our website. Childcare… positive discipline… playgroup and storytime listings… professional development… links to other child-centered organizations… it’s all here to guide you as you support the development of our community’s most important asset:  young children.

Learning begins at birth:
Resources for parents & grandparents

Babies and young children need caregivers who understand the importance of the early years, which shape the way children learn, think and behave for the rest of their lives!

Early childhood professionals make all the difference in the world:
Resources for caregivers & teachers

The brain grows more rapidly during the first five years of life than at any other time during a child’s development. Because of this, children need quality learning experiences that meet the needs of each child, and respect his or her individual differences and learning styles.

Early childhood… where our future begins.

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